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Plan C (Virtual Only Students) Check-In Information

Plan C (Virtual Only Students) Check-In Information

Virtual students will take the Check-Ins at home if they have a school issued Chromebook. Virtual students will take the ELA test on Monday beginning at 8:30 and the math test on Tuesday beginning at 8:30. Families please remember, only eighth grade students will take the science Check-In on Tuesday beginning at 12:30.

Monday Feb 1st

8:30am Reading

Tuesday Feb. 2nd

8:30am - Math

12:30 - Science (8th Grade Only)

Virtual students who do not have a school issued Chromebook will need to come to Reidsville Middle School to complete these assessments. Parents please remember, eighth grade will need to come both days due to the number of tests they have.

Lunch and breakfast will be provided on testing days, however, bus transportation will not be provided. The testing day will begin at 8:30 and end by 2pm. Students may contact families for early pick-up if they complete the assessments early.

Zoom Meeting Information

Due to testing, teachers will not be available for zoom meetings Feb. 1st- 5th.

Once Check-In testing is complete, please log into Canvas for work assignments. Be sure to check announcements in each class for developing information.

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