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Do you need help with any of the tools being used by your student? 
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Issues Logging Into Chromebook


Zscaler Content Filter Issues


NC EdCloud issues?

how to Take a screenshot?

 where to find it?

Do you need a screenshot of your work?  Did you take a screenshot and cannot find it?

Chromebook or Gmail

You must be connected to wifi before you log into your device for the first time.  Also ensure they Chromebook keyboard is "US" not "US Intl".

Logging into Chromebook or their school Google account:

Login is their

Password is their birthday MMDDYYYYr?  If that doesn't work, try MMDDYYYY

If neither of those work, you will need to contact the RCS Helpdesk.  They are the only people that can reset email passwords.  They are available each school day from 8a-4p.

·       Help Desk - 336-627-2700

·       Help Desk line #2- 336-627-2701

·       Email -



Zscaler is the content filter used by the state.  You will need to log into it the first time you use the Chromebook.  The login and password should be the same as what you use for the Chromebook and Gmail.

If this doesn't work, you will need to contact the RCS Help Desk to reset the password.

Help Desk - 336-627-2700

Help Desk line #2- 336-627-2701

Email -



To log into the ed cloud your student will need their Student ID number (aka their lunch number).

The initial password is frequently set by their teacher to be "Raiders1".  Students may change their password after they log in to anything they will remember. 


If they forget their password, any of their current teachers can reset the password. 


Call or email one of their teachers to have it reset.


If you intend to take a full-screen screenshot, then please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Find the Switch window button on the top row of the buttons, in between the Fullscreen and Brightness down buttons. This can be considered as analogous to the conventional F5 button on the normal keyboards.

  2. Use the shortcut of Ctrl+ Switch window to capture the screenshot of the full-screen contents.

  3. After the screenshot is taken, its thumbnail appears in the bottom-right corner of the Chromebook. You can click it to go directly to the folder where it is stored or else, you can view it later by the Files option in the taskbar.



How to Screenshot
Tutorial key on keyboard


Tutorials are listed in the order a student would follow:

  1. Logging into Chromebook/Adding User

  2. Logging into NC EdCloud - one login to access Canvas, PowerSchool, Schoolnet and Discovery Education.

  3. Connecting Canvas and Google Drive

  4. Submitting an assignment in Canvas

  5. Logging into Achieve3000

  6. Logging into iReady

  7. Setting up Parent Observer in Canvas

  8. Logging into FlipGrid - Not all teachers use this resource.

  9. Logging into iXL - Not all teachers use this resource.

Other Tutorials
Screenshot Location

Where Are My Screenshots?

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